November 2008

Smoking, the Credit Crisis and Global Warming: Death by Incrementalism

> Note: Originally published, Nov. 3, 2008 Cigarette smoking, the credit crunch and global warming don’t seem to have much in common.  One is a habit of huddled figures on street corners and in doorways. Another is a financial … Continue reading

Geothermal: Detailing the Promise

> Note: Advocating for a stronger role for government in accelerating the deployment of geo-exchange, or ground-source heating and cooling. Originally published: Corporate Knights magazine, November 2008 A derelict building in downtown Toronto is being transformed into a cutting-edge green … Continue reading

The End of Something But Surely Not History

> Note: Here I argue that the economy cannot grow in real terms forever, due to ecological constraints. An old idea, but one that is continually dismissed. Originally published: When philosopher Francis Fukuyama wrote that liberal democracy heralds the … Continue reading

Green Bonds 2 – Public Unveiling

> Note: Second of a two-part series. Green Bonds is a public policy proposal produced in conjunction with Action Canada Fellows. Originally published in Corporate Knights Magazine, June 2008 On June 2nd the Green Bonds proposal – first discussed in CK last issue – was … Continue reading