The Continent’s Greenest Hotel

I put my money where my mouth is. To show how easy it is to cut carbon I co-built North America’s lowest carbon hotel. Cutting carbon by 75% made the hotel more profitable, not less. If everyone did what we did – and they could! – we’d blow past Kyoto. So when Ottawa tells us Kyoto was unrealistic, they’re full of it. And I proved it with this hotel.

BTW, it’s Canadian solar thermal, geothermal, engineers, electricians, trades, LED lights, and so on. You can’t outsource a building retrofit to China. Our built environment low-hanging fruit for profitable, large-scale carbon reductions while at the same time presenting a huge economic opportunity to get out ahead of the cleantech curve. And every building owner would be richer … not poorer.

Check out my story – As part of MaRS Best Practices – Green or Green Wash, I talks about my journey to build “the continent’s greenest hotel” – Planet Traveler.

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