A shot at the skeptics

This is a piece of mine, first published on The Mark News, calling out climate skepticism as a socially damaging, pseudo-intellectual pursuit. While skeptics – Wente, Murphy, Beck – may paint themselves as brave knights bucking social norms, they are nothing of the sort.

Indeed, the opinions of laypersons – like Beck, Wente and Murphy (who I daresay have never read a peer-reviewed paper in their lives) – are simply not relevant when it comes to climate science. Climate science is not like politics or art, it is a subject matter deferred to expert consensus.

Understanding that expert consensus exists, which simply requires a recognition of what scientific bodies (National Academies of Science, etc) are to be trusted in representing that consensus.

Full piece here: http://www.themarknews.com/articles/3561-the-catastrophe-of-climate-change-skepticism

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2 Responses to A shot at the skeptics

  1. Anonymous says:

    >"It’s hard science, and the truth of the matter has been settled by those qualified to make the judgment."

    Oh man, you have got some catching up to do here pal. The science is settled? Surely you didn't write this recently; you must have written this long boring tirade about two years ago when that absurd statement was still being parroted by the greenies. Even the most die hard alarmist isn’t foolish enough to still be promising the science is settled. But you are. Lol!

    Wake up. It’s 2011. Climate change is dead.

    It’s over, you lost, go home.

  2. Tom Rand says:

    >Can you provide evidence, in the form of a peer-reviewed paper by a climate scientist, that justifies your comment?

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