We need more polymaths, less defensive rhetoric, and a clear view to pragmatic solutions. I bring together engineering expertise, venture finance activity, scientific literacy, a philosophical vantage point and an ability and willingness to speak truth to power. I’m also co-developer of a killer low-carbon hotel. And I wrote a book. I put my money where my mouth is, and am driven by a desire to see the carbon needle start moving in the other direction.

I’m involved in a lot of things. Here are some of them.

RBC invests in MaRS Cleantech Fund

[ Originally appeared as a MaRS Discovery District Blog ] Yesterday’s announcement of the RBC Generator‘s $500,000 investment in the MaRS Cleantech Fund is a big deal. Why? Because it shows that large, credible institutions are beginning to move their money … Continue reading

NYC Consulate Launches Cleantech Accelerator

NYC is setting heat records. And Canadian cleantech company Regen is helping them avoid brownouts with its swarm-based automated peak reduction technology. Fitting, as this week the Canadian Consulate launched their much-anticipated Cleantech Accelerator, spear-headed by highly capable Regine Clement. … Continue reading

Early-stage venture capital fund …

… is launched. The privately-backed $30 million MaRS Cleantech Fund LP has closed its first and second rounds, and done three deals already. See press release for details. We’re the earth’s VC. Delivering planet-sized returns.

Speaking of speaking …

There’s an iceberg ahead of us, we’re on the Titanic, and everyone’s just sipping cocktails and pretending everything’s just fine. My public talks address the multi-faceted problem of climate change and clean energy. I speak in a bare-knuckled and pragmatic style … Continue reading