Getting Blunt

In this interview with Daryn Caister I get more blunt about a number of issues:

– what does ‘sustainability’ really mean?

– why do I think so differently from the likes of Bjorn Lomborg?

– why might economists not care about the ‘world blowing up’?

– why can’t CEOs of our large corporations talk turkey about climate change?

– is ‘apocalyptic’ language around climate change legitimate, effective, accurate?

– “If you’re not dealing with carbon emissions, you’re just not playing withe big boys”

… and so on. These topics, and many others, are covered in my upcoming book Waking the Frog: Solutions to our Climate Change Paralysis. Frog is much more hard-hitting than Kick and covers a much broader set of ideas: economics, psychology, politics, finance, etc.


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