Sea Change 2013: Sailing in Shetlands – A Cape Farewell Journey


I’ve embarked on a 12 day journey on a hundred-year-old wooden sailing boat – the Swan, one of the original fleet of herring boats that caught fish off the Shetlands with drift-nets, wind and manual labour. I’m with scientists, artists and local fishing experts – we are here as a multi-disciplinary crew on a Cape Farewell expedition to talk about sustainability and climate and learn how to better communicate and collaborate on driving change.

It’s appropriately called Sea Change 2013. We seek nothing less …

What follows are an on-going series of blogs done live on the boat (when we get cell signals!) …

Day 1, Blog 1: Sea Change Forthcoming?  – the setup.

Day 3: Blog 2: Weather and Climate, Cities and Seas – thinking about how climate change is to urbanites as everyday weather is to country folk.

Day 6: Blog 3: Showdown! Hydrocarbons versus Renewables! – can we really get off fossil fuels? Really??

Day 8: Blog 4: Fishing Lessons for Carbon? – learning from the EU fish quota system.

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