The Future of Energy

Tom Rand discusses MaRS Cleantech and the big picture: economic growth, climate disruption, cleantech innovations and the energy incumbents. Features ArcTern portfolio companies Sparq Solar, Woodland Biofuels, Hydrostor and Morgan Solar.

Future of energy: Tom Rand (Full) from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to The Future of Energy

  1. Glenn Hughes says:

    Hi Tom:

    Saw your frustration with Ken Green on Amanda’s Exchange program.

    Jupiter’s office is in Calgary and we have been experiencing the same frustration with the oil patch denial about climate change for some time.

    We are looking for green energy investors and thought you might have a few connections that would be interested in what Jupiter does.


  2. Neil Gregory says:

    Tom I just watched you on CBC. I love your take and comittment. However, I consistantly see your opposition (the guy working for big oil) smothering you with his BS.
    Have you ever considered this approach? I use it often. The planet is a space station (which it is). Those in the Presidential suites and Honeymoon suites are those profiteering most from the continuiation of big oil, big carbon usage and the overall destruction of the space station. The one we all depend on.
    Since these people are living large in their oppulant suites with the best Champaign and most attractive Ho’s….they wish not for things to change. Given expected life expectancies they don’t give a shit about tomorrow (incredibely even those with human offspring…wow).
    Have you ever considered using the Space Station scenario to make your point? It seems to me that it always brings the macrocosym down to a microcosym that people can actually wrap their heads around.
    Just a thought.


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