TV: on Power & Politics w Evan Solomon

Evan’s a great interviewer – here he presses me on a few key issues.

With the recent (unsurprising) approval by the feds of the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, attention re-focussed on Canada’s energy sector. Pipeline politics are a lightning rod for a larger discussion about climate, carbon, fuels and energy innovation. ArcTern Ventures Managing Partner Tom Rand weighs in …

On Evan Solomon’s Power & Politics …


On CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning …

And at the Canada2020 Panel on Innovation in the Canadian Energy Sector (longer piece).

At the end of the day, Rand argues that the social license to build high-carbon infrastructure – like pipelines –  can be granted only if that development is accompanied by an adult discussion on limits to extraction rates. The Canadian government’s decision to count pennies rather than act with certitude on the central moral issue of our time is not just a churlish position – but one that comes with a high degree of economic risk.

( See here for the related blog post @ ArcTern Ventures. )

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  1. Ruth McVeigh says:

    Just finished reading Waking The Frog and have been saying everyone should read it. Thanks for doing the interview with Tom Rand. Please bring him back.
    And please stop interrupting him!!

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