Who am I?

After a number of years as a successful software entrepeneur I now focus my efforts on carbon mitigation. I’m active in Cleantech venture capital, technology incubation and commercialization, and public advocacy. I am currently Managing Partner of the privately-backed MaRS Cleantech Fund, and a Senior Advisor at the MaRS Discovery District. I sit on the board of a number of clean energy companies and organizations.

I hold a BSc in electrical engineering (U of Waterloo), an MSc in philosophy of science (University of London and LSE)  and an MA and PhD in philosophy (U of Toronto).

It is my belief that we have yet to have a serious, public conversation about the threat of climate change, and the economic opportunites afforded by the global transformation to a low-carbon economy.

I am the author of:
Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit

Top thoughts

A Cleantech Collaboration Waiting to Happen …

We’re not going to solve the carbon problem without the energy incumbents stepping up in a big way. And the energy incumbents won’t remain dominant of a rapidly changing energy market without finding new low-carbon business models. The answer? Collaborating … Continue reading

Getting Blunt

In this interview with Daryn Caister I get more blunt about a number of issues: – what does ‘sustainability’ really mean? – why do I think so differently from the likes of Bjorn Lomborg? – why might economists not care … Continue reading