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Toronto Star – Keystone Compromise

Canadian Business Journal – 1. Climate Threat becomes Reality ; 2. Cleantech Bulls vs Climate Bear ; 3. Low-Carbon Assets ; 4. Welcome to the Anthropocene – Investing in a Warmer World; 5. Ontario, it’s your move: Keep calm. Price Carbon. Carry on.

Globe & Mail – 1. Bring back the CANDU ; 2. Reducing the risk of Climate Catastrophe ; 3. Getting ahead of the Innovation curve ; 4. Kick Preface; 5. (April 14, 2015) The Provinces get it: Carbon pricing can be simple and effective.

Profiles/Q&A University of Toronto MagazineWestjet inflight

On Planet Traveler Green Hosteling: It’s not Rocket Science – Globe & Mail;  College Pals – Toronto Star Boldly Goes GreenerMetro News; Digs its way to a low Carbon EconomyYonge Street Media

On Green Bonds Toronto Star,, Corporate Knights Part I and Part II

Book Reviews: Clean Energy Canada; MaRS DDHuffington PostMontreal Gazette

Select Videos: 

  1. CBC: The Exchange w/ Amanda Lang (bi-weekly series e-Squared)
  2. Canada2020 Talk
  3. CBC:  Power & Politics: w/ Bjorn Lomborg (starts @ 1:15) ; Pipeline Politics; Lang & O’Leary
  4. TVO’s the AgendaThe Problem to Solve
  5. Planet Traveler: TEDxTO TalkGreen BuildBest Practices Talk @ MaRS
  6. Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: The TrailerBook Launch @ MaRS
  7. Waking the Frog Book Launch.
  8. Future of Energy @ MaRSDD
  9. BNN (Business News Network): (archived)
  10. E3 Roundtable: Taking on a Skeptic (part 1)Offering Solutions (part 2) 
  11. Miscellaneous: Mini-Debate w/Lomborg

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E-Squared on The Exchange

(listed from latest to earliest) Nov 16 – is cleantech growth a silver lining in our lackluster climate efforts? Nov 2 – in which Fraser Institute makes the (indefensible and unsubstantiated claim) that adaptation is not only cheaper than mitigation, … Continue reading

G&M OpEd: Ontario’s Cap-n-Trade

Op-ed (Globe & Mail, April 14th) discussing emerging role of sub-national jurisdictions on Canadian climate policy. Cheap kamagra the most effective remedy for erectile dysfunction The Provinces get it: Carbon pricing can be simple and efficient More coverage: – on … Continue reading

Canada2020 : Five Big Ideas

15-min TED-style talk, summing up the main ideas of Waking the Frog. 5 Big Ideas for Canada: Tom Rand (MaRS) from Canada 2020 on Vimeo.   Had the pleasure of sharing the bill with Chris Hadfield, Jacline Nyman, Morris RosenBerg … Continue reading