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  1. Toronto StarKeystone Compromise
  2. Canadian Business JournalClimate Threat becomes Reality ; Cleantech Bulls vs Climate Bear ; Low-Carbon Assets ;
  3. Globe & MailBring back the CANDU ; Reducing the risk of Climate Catastrophe ; Getting ahead of the Innovation curve ; Kick Preface
  4. Enhanced Geothermal Could Answer Energy Question - Reuters
  5. Enhanced Geothermal: Clean Energy’s Holy Grail - N American Clean Energy
  6. Glenn Beck as Commie Stooge - multiple
  7. Catastrophe of Climate Change Skepticism -multiple
  8. Dearth of New Ideas at UNEP-FI - Reuters

Profiles/Q&A: Driven Magazine; CBC’s Metro MorningUniversity of Toronto MagazineWestjet inflightSmartblogsWalletpopCentral Valley TimesThe (Gulf spill); isCleaner

On Planet Traveler: High Tech Hotelier - Globe & Mail; Clean Green Hospitality Machine - Globe & Mail; Toronto StarMetro newsYonge Street MediaGreen Hostelling: It’s not Rocket Science - Globe & Mail

On Green BondsToronto Star,, Corporate Knights Part I and Part II Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: Huffington PostMontreal Gazette

Select Videos

  1. CBC’s Power & PoliticsDebating Bjorn Lomborg (starts at 1:15) ; Pipeline Politics
  2. CBC’s Lang & O’Leary
  3. Planet Traveler: Tom’s TEDxTO TalkGreen Build VideoBest Practices Talk @ MaRS
  4. TVO‘s The Agenda (archived)
  5. Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: The TrailerBook Launch @ MaRS
  6. Waking the Frog Book Launch: short, medium, full.
  7. Interview with Bullfrog Power’s Greg Kiessling
  8. BNN (Business News Network)Economics of Kicking the Habit (April/10); Phase out coal discussion (June/10); Debate with Economides Part 1Part 2(July/10); Planet Traveler Opening (Oct/10); Debate with Bjorn Lomborg (July/11); Talking Geothermal (July/11)
  9. E3 Roundtable: Taking on a Skeptic (part 1)Offering Solutions (part 2) 
  10. Miscellaneous: Mini-Debate w/Lomborg

TV: Interview w/ Evan Solomon @ Power & Politics

Evan’s a great interviewer – here he presses me on a few key issues. With the recent (unsurprising) approval by the feds of the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, attention re-focussed on Canada’s energy sector. Pipeline politics are a lightning rod … Continue reading

TV: Lang & O’Leary, CTV

Lang and O’Leary: Interview on CTV’s Canada AM (April 22, 2014) Interview on CTVNews (April 22, 2014)

Interview on rDigitalLife

What do Francis Bacon, take-out pizza, World of Warcraft, reset buttons, climate change and Lego have in common? Watch below to find out, or click here for original rDigitalLife piece by Ramona Pringle …